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Waifer Widgets Is More Than Just A Software Company.
 From Crypto, And Business Solutions, To A Supporting Loving Community. 
We Inspire To Deliver More Than Just Utility, But The Best Experience You Deserve. 

Software With Real World Use

Our Software Will Help Accelerate Your Business

Waifer Widgets has an abundance of software with Real World use cases that will help accelerate your businesses growth.
From ADA online Accessibility and Compliance, to Employee Management and Point of Sale Applications, our company most likely has what your business is needing without all the headaches.

Dedicated Hosting

With our dedicated hosting, you can now purchase your Servers, Domain, SSL Certificates and More with our Dedicated Hosting Plans. 

Accessibility Software

Our Accessibility Software will help ensure that your business and your website are protected and also accessible to those with disabilities. 

Social Network Management

Now days there are allot of Social Networks for you to manage as a business, now you can manage all your social networks through one interface. 

Restaurant Software

With the Covid19 Pandemic a global issue, Contactless ordering is now becoming adopted world wide, Our software will help your restaurant facilitate safe and affective mobile ordering through QR Codes

Accessibility Audits

Not sure if your website is accessible to those with disabilities? Some companies charge thousands of dollars for a software to automatically tell you what your site is lacking, request an audit today from Waifer Widgets. 

Custom Business Solutions

Needing something more than what we are offering? Connect with a Waifer Widgets Representative today to discuss custom tailored business solutions that will help your business accelerate to new heights.

HR Software

Human Resources is the heart beat to all businesses, with our HR Software you can now manage your employees, payroll and more with ease. 

CRM Software

Keeping track of your customers is critical manage your customers with ease using our Dedicated CRM Software.

Email Marketing Software

Email Marketing is still alive and well, Our software is on steroids’ when it comes to creating and disseminating Email and Text Messaging Campaigns. 

Always Delivering The Best Experience.

Connect With A Waifer Widgets Staff Member Today!

Waifer Widgets want’s to help your company grow! Through our vast network of users both on our Social Network and throughout our dedicated crypto platforms and channels. 
Waifer Widgets will help custom tailored business solutions that drive results. 

    Reliable, productive & perfect

    software for business Of All Types.

    From hosting to software we got you covered, connect with a Waifer Widgets Representative today or select from one of our quick plans below.  

    Red Waif

    Crypto Community Driven Social Network Where You Can Share Your Memories, Connect With Others, and Make New Friends

    Waifer coin

    The Waifer protocol is the worlds first community driven, Defi Token backed by its own social media platform (Redwaif.com) 

    Waifer Exchange

    Now have your own Waifer Crypto Wallet with integrated Cross-Chain Swaps. Create your wallet or connect an existing wallet to get stared. 

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